Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sooooo.....Shaking Hands Is Now Considered Something To Avoid???

President Obama is being criticized by the Right Wing Conservatives for shaking hands of another world leader and a world event where a significant number of world leaders gathered to honor the departed soul of another world leader.

There are two operative words here. "World" and "Leader"......neither of which any of those on the Right can either comprehend or function in.

The Right Wing....especially in the US, have withdrawn any membership in anything to do with the world, except to try to make enemies with most of them and try to create a profit making war to destroy them. The party of hate and paranoia is paralyzed on the world stage. They don't know how to deal with anyone who does not think exactly like them, or look like them, or pray like them, or eat like them.

The second operative word here is "Leader". Those on the Right cannot relate to this concept of taking charge and making tough, pragmatic choices based on circumstances rather than idealogical positions. They follow the Bible. The follow their benefactors. They follow their preachers. They follow their Wall Street masters. They are not leaders. They are fearful little men.

I applaud President Obama for reaching out to make a better world, no matter whose hand is outstretched. It is the way of a spiritual, comfortable man who looks at possibilities rather than fearing the unknown, as those on the Right prefer to do.

I am writing this from a place that knows all to well what it is like to live in a world where people fail to talk, listen or look for compromise: Hanoi, Vietnam.