Friday, March 11, 2016

The Wisdom of Moving On.

I guess I should feel honored. I have put my issues regarding Vietnam in the past..while so many have not.
So many still harbor negative feelings and hostility towards a people and a nation that basically kicked our asses out of their own country. We should not feel alone. They did the same to China…(twice), France, and Japan before us.
The people of Vietnam today are not the ones we fought against. They, like us, are the survivors of a terrible and brutal past and who were also the victims of governments who chose to put us all in those situations.
They are also people who do not harbor the animosity and hatred that so many Americans do towards their former enemies, which I find difficult to understand. After all……the people of North Vietnam suffered much higher casualties and infrastructure destruction during the war than the South. Still, today….their attitude is “The war is in the past. We need to move on.”
We have people in the US who are still fighting The Civil War…..which ended over 150 years ago.
My mother always taught me to look on the bright side and taught me to look for the positive in an otherwise negative situation. That philosophy usually works….unless you are dealing with someone or a situation that makes it impossible to move ahead successfully.
Time is a great healer. It does not remove the pain and hurt or physical damage done…..but it does give you the opportunity to gain perspective and to live with those things in a more productive way…but only if you are willing to take it.
Some people like to hang on to negativity, as if somehow it identifies them. Hatred, bigotry, and anger are all products of fearful people who refuse to take the chance to move into the light and away from darkness.
We can apply this meme to many things in life: …….our jobs, our relationships, our social outlooks as well as our experiences. You can choose to harbor and hang on to negativity and pain…….or you can choose “to move on.” The thing you cannot do is to attack others for your decision or inability to do so.
Peace and love.