Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bernie Sanders Needs to Stand Down, Join Up and Get In Line

Bernie Sanders is NOT a Democrat. He never has been. And he has spent his entire career trashing Democrats…………and continues to do so to this day. 

I don't care if he caucuses with Democrats. He is not our friend any more than Joe Lieberman was. He ran as a Democrat while still an Independent. He is still an Independent. He used the DNC for his own agenda. He is a total opportunist and self-centered as hell. He cares only about being in the headlines. 

Over his LONG political career (not an outsider) he has done very little except to stand on the outside screaming accusations and lies. He has done little more than run his mouth. Hillary Clinton’s list of Progressive accomplishments far out shadows that of Bernie Sanders. 

If he wants to be a Democrat, he needs to join us and get in line. We don't need to join him. Nobody asked him to reform the DNC. We owe him nothing!! He is not the leader of the Democratic Party. We are.