Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hate America??

As many of you know, I often criticize The United States. Many people think I hate America. Not true. 

And let’s get over the "America" part. 

The United States is NOT America. It is PART of America, which includes Canada, Mexico, all of Central and South America. 

Do I hate The United States? No. Quite the contrary. I hate what it has become. 

I was born in 1946, at the end of World War II. I was raised in the 50’s and 60’s when families could live on one income. When everyone who wanted a job had one. When people minded their own business and lived simply. 

Racism and hatred existed, yes, but mostly in certain pockets of the US where it had festered historically and always among ignorant people. The vast majority of citizens would never have been proud to call themselves racists and they would never have behaved like those on the Right do today. The Republican Party was actually a respectable organization and had some wonderful statesmen in their ranks. 

People disagreed, but at the end of the day, they solved problems for the good of the country……not for the benefit of corporations. 

Corporate power was held in check by government regulation. The wealthy were held in check by tax laws. People understood that the US tax laws were created to avoid the super rich from taking over our society and not to punish wealth or hinder business. 

Today, while we slept, the Fascists that we defeated in World War II have re-emerged in the US. They have bought politicians who have passed laws that make their dictatorial practices legal, while the common man gets jailed at alarming rates for minor crimes. 

The police, who once were pillars of the community and held in high esteem, have become militarized and have evolved into a "shoot first, ask questions later" police force which holds themselves as superior to those they serve. Innocent people are killed every day by police while the population cowers in fear. 

Religion, that used to be limited to prayers at meals and Sunday sermons in church, has taken over half of the political landscape and now tries to impose their beliefs on those who do not believe. 

They re-interpret the Constitution to fit their agenda. They pass laws to further their agenda. They selectively interpret the Bible to further their agenda. 

You may say that “it’s still a great country.” I disagree. 

What makes it not such a great country is that many of you, who believe that, will sit back silently, claiming it’s still a great country, while more and more of our Rights are taken away by those whose ultimate goal is to control everything we do, buy or think. 

The United States WAS a great country. Unless people are willing to directly and strongly challenge the Fascists who are taking over this society, it will never be a great country again. 

We will finally become what they planned for us: A third rate Fascist Corporate run state that feeds off the misery of those it dominates.