Sunday, September 25, 2016


Why a woman President? Why a Black President? Why a Latino President? Or an Asian President? Maybe a Native American President?

It is surely not because we are trying to fill a quota or just because we can. It is because most of us want to bring a new and different perspective to the most powerful office on Earth and to the face we show the world.  

Don’t vote for Hillary because she has female parts. Vote for Hillary because she has a woman’s touch. Vote for Hillary because she has a woman’s sensitivity. Vote for Hillary because she has a woman’s sensibility….not because she can do the job like a man. Sadly, most of the woman leaders of the world have all been measured by the standards of men. That is unfair and unrealistic. Maybe that is why things never change. 

The majority of Americans want a woman for President, so………..let her be one. She doesn’t have to act like a man. She doesn’t have to think like a man. She doesn’t have to perform like a man. Don't pigeon hole her. She is a woman. Ego and bluster have been the order of the day for far too long and have very bad track records. 

The male figures in all of our lives contribute very different things than our female figures. Our “Moms” hold a much different place in our hearts than our “Dads”. Their roles are distinctly unique and equally important, and necessary for the balance we need to move forward. So it is with a nation. We not only want a woman to lead our nation, we NEED a woman to lead our nation. We need a different perspective. 

So…allow Hillary Clinton be a woman. Don’t expect her to be like a man. Let her show her soft, caring side. Her vulnerable side. Her sensitive side. Let her talk as if she were having a Mother-Daughter talk with Chelsea. 

That is the true difference between a man and woman, whether they are parents or leaders. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Republican Reality Check

I have come to the conclusion, that in many cases, Republicans lack the will or the energy to seek the truth. The prefer to latch on to labels and slogans to interpret their lives. 

If they were intellectually curious, they would drop their Bibles and their “Merican Flags and pick up a history book. 

If they did, they might find that:

  • Capitalism and Free Enterprise are not the same thing. Capitalism is big money. Capitalism is super rich people who have no interest in the country, but instead try to find ways to extract it's money and resources. McDonalds replaces The Burger Shack. Wall Street replaces Main Street. CEO’s and stock holders replace Mom and Pop. Once thriving family farms disappear, being sold for pennies on the dollar for Corporate farming. In many ways, Capitalism poisons Free Enterprise by creating an uneven playing field. Eventually, Capitalism devours Free Enterprise. It is it’s very nature. 

  • The Constitution actually is more important than either The National Anthem OR The Flag. Actually, The Constitution makes it possible to burn The Flag in protest, OR refuse to salute it as a Freedom of Speech. It also gives a citizen the right to refuse to sing the National Anthem or to sit if they wish. 

  • America is not a “White Country”. White people came here and displaced the brown and red people who were living her at the time. While it is true that most of the early settlers were from predominantly “White” cultures, people from all over the world have come to the US and helped build it. 

  • Democracy is frowned upon by the Republican Party. They think that only rich, mostly White  people should have the right to have a say in this country. They truly believe, and have stated so, that they do better when less people vote…so they have spend decades trying to propagandize people against their own government and to make it harder for people to vote……especially people of color.

  • It is not brown people taking your jobs. It is people who are willing to work for less, get less benefits, work longer hours because they are desperate. Your jobs went overseas for a reason. Profit for corporations who don’t give a rat’s ass about you or the United States of America.

  • Wages have remained stagnant for decades while costs of food, gas, housing, cars, transportation and medical care have skyrocketed, essentially creating more poor people, dependent on safety nets that are constantly being pulled away by Conservative legislatures. 

  • A stable and productive society is one in which people CAN live comfortably based on the benefits they get. They can also buy more, thus increasing the profits of Corporations…….AND Mom and Pops. A Mom and Pop businessman or woman make sure their customer base remain strong and is able to afford to buy, again and again. A Corporation has no interest. They will just move on to the next green pasture. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Today is Labor Day. 

It is the day, ironically, that comes at the end of summer and the beginning of another work year, that we remember those who work for a living. 

We remember those who worked for less than a living wage, put their lives on the line, either in skyscrapers thousands of feet above ground or in dark mine shafts deep beneath the ground, so the Super Rich could prosper and have comfortable lives. 

We remember the nurses, teachers, police, firemen, garbage collectors, cooks, dishwashers, auto parts salesmen and burger flippers that have made our lives a little safer, easier and meaningful. We remember the ones who worked at sub-par jobs because that was all that was offered. We remember those who worked for no wages and got nothing more than a meal and a roof over their head. 

And we remember those, today, who must work two and three jobs to make ends meet because wages have no kept up with inflation. We must also remember the children who must come home to an empty house because both parents are now required to work to make ends meet because the monied people in this country are too greedy. 

On this Labor Day, let us hope that, some day, those in power will once again realize that it is a strong middle class that “Makes America Great”, and without it, America fails. 

Happy Labor Day to all those who built and are still building America.