Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Our people? What does that mean exactly?

We have been herded into groups. The powers to be have found out a way to get us to retreat and circle the wagons around our own particular special interests. Black Lives Matter. Gay Rights. Women’s Rights. Elder Rights. Voting Rights. The environment. Religion. Sex. Animal Rights. It is called “Identity Politics”.

And here we stay. Holding off the advances of Fascist thought and action. Just thankful that we still have that small space to cower and huddle in..surrounded by “our people”.

Our people? What does that mean? 

Black? White? Latino? Asian? Middle Eastern? Gay? Straight? Bi? Trans? Women? 

The fact is, there are only two kind of people in the world. 

  1. One wishes to live in peace with others and the world, and just wants to be left alone to live as they wish. 

  1. The other wishes to dominate and dictate to others to live as they command, based on race, religion, culture, power or resources or their own social view.

It really is very simple. There are integrationists and segregationists. There are lovers and  haters. There are those who are tolerant. There are those who are intolerant. Those who want to cohabitate and those who want to dominate. 

If we wish to have any chance at all, we need to step out from inside our own special interest groups and realize that we need to unite, as one people who support freedom, social justice and equal opportunity for all, as one voice that speaks for truth, regardless of the underlying special interests we might represent. 

By keeping us in our own little groups and causes, they weaken us. They take away our power to confront and combat their dictatorial actions. 

My people? My people are those who think like me. Who are willing to listen. Who are willing to learn. Who are willing to grow. Who inter-act within larger world as opposed to focusing only on their own little world. 

Not all those who share your family, race, religion or culture are your “people”. Those who wish you no harm are your people. 

We now have a World Economy. We have, what will soon be, a World Government. We need to start thinking in terms of World Social Justice and move away from provincial, narrow interest movements that only sap our energy and weaken our ability to fight. 

It is still “We The People”. But now…….it’s world wide. Take a world view. 

Co-Dependent. Inter-Dependent. United as One. Speaking as One. 

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